Monday, December 22, 2008
Swiss Miss

The purpose of this entry is to encourage you to read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. I know that it's popular but it's popular for a reason. I live to be inspired! It has done that.

If I was writing a book like "The Last Lecture" I would entitle it "The Last Mini-Lesson" because I'm a teacher and also because most important things I have to say last only a minute or two. I would then have a chapter entitled "Swiss Miss Packets" and it would go something like this:

Swiss Miss Packets

When I was in fourth grade, I was in Mrs. Lott's class. She took it upon herself starting in January to make warm water for us everyday of the winter so we could bring our own hot chocolate and enjoy that sweet drink while we worked. It is a warm memory in my mind. Fourth grade for my family was a difficult time and due to numerous circumstances I just couldn't get it together enough to bring the coveted Swiss Miss packets and mug to school.
One day I didn't have hot chocolate and my friend Courtney Blackwell felt sad for me. She didn't tell me she felt sad, but I could tell because every sip she took of her own hot chocolate was far from enjoyable. She would shift her eyes towards me and frown a little bit. It was like she felt guilty for drinking it. The next day, it was time for hot chocolate. I again didn't have any, but Courtney did. She had two packets of chocolate and two mugs. She gave one to me. Everyday that winter Courtney brought me Swiss Miss and a mug. She would take the mug home every night, wash it, and bring it back the next day (why didn't I offer to do that??).
I appreciated that act of generosity then, but now to think of a 9-year-old loving a friend enough to provide for her causes overwhelming emotions of gratitude. That gets me thinking. If I have any compassion in me, it's because I was shown compassion.

You too can dig up small, sweet stories from your childhood! Read this book and it's sure to do that among other encouraging things.