Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Rental Car #573

There are a few people and places that one would hate to be on a first name basis with: tow lots, parole officers, Time Warner Cable (that company is horrible), and Enterprise Rent a Car to name a few. It’s not that Enterprise isn’t a good company. I’ve only received fabulous service and flexibility. It’s that I hate I know them so well. I have the routine down to a fine art: fifty dollar down payment, bring a bill with your current address, driver’s license, two references. It’s sad, really.

To my great surprise, these were the words that rolled off the tongue of the Enterprise representative in Abilene, Michael… I think, “So, how about a PT Cruiser?” How could I pass up such a rare opportunity?? “Perfect,” I replied firmly. There was an understanding between the two of us that few would grasp. You see, I know that my Jetta counts as a “compact” in the car world. According to rental car companies I should only receive a rental car that is truly compact. But on that sunny day Michael was feeling generous. He gave me a standard. Everyone that has seen a PT Cruiser knows that it is hardly “standard”. It is essentially an SUV that rides two inches off the ground.

It boils down to this: Michael took pity on a poor girl from Austin that has trouble driving defensively. Thanks, you are too kind. Just for that, I’ll always choose Enterprise no matter what city a deer is lying dead in the road, or if a pizza guy runs into me while stopped at a stop sign, or if the person in front of me brakes during the car wash, or if the lady I am babysitting for backs into me, or if I run into a truck at Sonic, etc…

Enterprise was far from the only positive experience in Abilene. I was able to see sweet friends from college. Although most of us live so far away, they are the friends that when you see each other nothing has changed. It’s so nice to be known well and know others well. I miss them already.