Monday, October 13, 2008
Thoughts on the Economic Crisis: as told by a 25 year old, middle class, single, female
Did my groceries really just cost $80? Looks like I'll be eating and driving this month...not much more.

Isn't the number on my investment statement (singular) supposed to be rising? Yikes.

Carpool? Brilliant.

Somehow, I went through 16 years of education with only a semester of economics. I don't remember much about the class. I remember my teacher was a creepy man who was about 80. It was rumored that he gave good grades to flirty girls. I intentionally wore trashy clothes and acted apathetic the day I had class. It was my way of protesting unfair and illegal treatment. The simplest concepts boggled my mind! Supply and Demand: when supply goes up demand goes down? When demand goes up, shouldn't supply, but then supply goes back down? Shouldn't they both be rising? Help.

Needless to say, I don't know much about the technicalities of economics and money. I do know a few things from life experiences. We have the ability to make smart choices with our money, and we should. But when it comes right down to it, we don't have much control. Yes, we can work hard. But isn't the ability to work a gift in and of itself? Even when we have "nothing" we will still be provided for.

When I graduated from college, I had like a billion dollars of loans taken out. When I found out (because I didn't exactly know what I was doing), it was like I had been hit by a train. To my great surprise, I wouldn't take the experience back. Why? Because I learned.

This is how I want to approach all seasons of personal and national economics: keep working, be thankful, and give up control.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
What I know.
I went to a writer's workshop last summer. I'm one of those people who loves teacher workshops. I'm pretty sure I cry every time, "(insert shaky voice) I'm so glad I'm a teacher. I get to love kids." Anyway...they said, "Write about what you know." That makes a lot of sense. I'm not going to write about quantum physics or something ridiculously out of my league.

Here's a few things I know to date:
-work=tired, but boredom is worse
-you will not be successful in life without help (i.e. moving into a classroom in 2 days)
-relationships are the best and hardest things around
-choose roommates wisely
-sweet tea isn't nearly as satisfying as Dr. Pepper
-if you have friends, swallow your pride and plan to meet them.
Example: All four years of college, I NEVER planned to meet friends for chapel. Everyday, I sat in a new spot around people I didn't know. If only Jen and I had planned a meeting place! I think it would have saved us much anxiety and multiple chapel probations that resulted in suspension from school (or worse).

There's more, I think. If I learn anything else, I'll write another post entitled, "What I know that I didn't".

This is the small project that just happens to have consumed (happily) the last month and a half of my life.



All aboard the reading boat! I cannot take credit for this fun addition to my classroom this year. Annalee so graciously donated it. Don't you wish you were a kid again?