Saturday, July 26, 2008
Old School Road Trip

Rubey and I loaded the soft cooler with orange gatorade, gathered the paper maps, stocked up on 35mm film and headed to Colorado in the Jetta. We wanted an authentic road trip without GPS or most "modern conveniences" and that's exactly what we accomplished. Now most people might think that 30 hours in pea-sized car with only one other person might make for some uncomfortable or stressful situations. Thanks to our "car rules" we made it safe and sound, working out any frustrations along the way. Feel free to embrace these expectations on your next road trip:
1. Have fun
2. Be honest...always
3. Be o.k. with silence (this was important for me)
4. Enjoy the little things
5. Only eat one 100 calorie snack pack at a healthy (that was Rubey's, not mine)

We traveled to CO to attend the Mile High fun. As compared to ACL: There was more space and fewer stages. Two stages were under a tent (great idea). It was hot between the hours of 12-4, as opposed to 9-8 (ACL). The bands were more mainstream than ACL, but talented none-the-less. Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Rodrigo y Gabriella, Andrew Bird, Colbie Callait, Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw, etc... We saw some amazing shows!

Come along as I take you on a photo tour.

Our first stop was in Abilene. We spent the night at the Luttrel's and enjoyed a sweet, breezy West Texas picnic.

Self explanatory.

Day O' Climbing. Don't be deceived. Despite Rubey's athletic ability, she is only 4 feet off the ground.

Some good ol' panhandle fun. I can tell you're jealous of our super artsy pictures.



Blogger Kara Sheets said...

it really does appear that rubey is a champion rock climber. great pics!

Blogger kristin fulghum said...

looks like y'all had tons of fun. i love it.

Blogger Laura Webb said...

Good job Erika, that takes alot of guts to travel like that and that far!! I wish I had that in me!! Miss you

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