Wednesday, July 02, 2008
So long old friend.

Inanimate objects should never be referred to as "friend!" That is precisely why I've decided to keep from drinking this beverage for the entirety of my 25th year. I'm sure everyone is thoroughly intrigued and wondering, "Why would she commit to such a task?"

Is it the caffeine? No way. I love caffeine. One time I gave up caffeine for a month. I didn't feel the absence of it improved my life in the least.
To lose weight? Nope. My love for Dr. Pepper exceeds my desire to be slightly more healthy.

The answer is simple. Dr. Pepper had become a comfort, much like a good friend.
Hard day at work? Dr. Pepper.
Feeling a little slow? Dr. Pepper.
Lots to be done? Dr. Pepper.

I began to think about this. It's ridiculous that a beverage would provide me with support. Where would this relying on liquids end? Soon I would be justifying vodka or tequila as a means of comfort. Next thing you know I'm a 60 year old alcoholic with crazy gray hair, divorced, and grandchildren I've never seen. Dramatic rational? Slightly.

Another way I celebrated turning the ripe age of 25 was with good company. I enjoyed myself thoroughly seeing people I love.

Lunch at Eastside Cafe. If you're an Austinite, I highly recommend this cute place.

Dinner at Z Tejas. Another fine dining experience.

P.S. Annalee gave up sugar for her birthday one year. Sugar! Can you imagine? She inspired this "give up something for a year" notion. Thanks Annalee!


Blogger Kara Sheets said...

wish i could have been there for your birthday.
i gave up all cokes from my junior year of high school through my soph year of college. i rarely drink them now, but i gave them up more for health reasons.
please don't turn into a crabby, old, addicted woman. please?

Blogger annalee said...

oh fabulous 25 year old...
i am so proud of you for your big commitment for the year.
and as a side note i think you have one cool room!
love you.

Blogger Sam said...

You are a brave gal, giving up Dr. Pepper. I see your point about relying on it though. By the way, did you have the carrot cake at Eastside Cafe, it is the greatest!

Blogger Jessica said...

25!!!! You're so old!

and so committed! I'm proud of you, roommate!

You're growing up so fast!

Blogger Kenli Shea said...

You went straight to worst case scenario in a sentence, unbelievable. That is why I love you.

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