Thursday, June 19, 2008
This is for you Gene...

And what a wonderful weekend it was. There are some couples that I watch and think, "O.k., I'm going to need to remember that." Jen and Hayden just happend to be one. They are on each other's side. They protect each other. They work for each other and not against each other. It's been encouraging to see that form over many years, conversations, perserverence and I think, laughter.

Jen attempting to sit in her dress. Not an easy task, I assure you. You could probably guess that by the look on her face. Ouch!

Allie, Mize, Cas, Rose at the bridal luncheon. Yea for friends who come from far away.

Watts' girls attending one of the special events.

You guys truly know how to throw a party. I'm going to go ahead and attribute that to Jen's latin roots. But seriously, it was fun.

Sunday, June 01, 2008
escula nueva
Next year I am leaving dear Ada Mae Faubion to help open a brand new school, Parkside. It's all very exciting. The leave is bittersweet. I'll miss the families and my funny kids at AMF, but the new school is going to be a great growth opportunity! We took a "hard hat" tour on Friday. Needless to say, I was disappointed when we didn't actually wear hard hats, but the tour was fun:

Front of school

Standing in my room. Notice the windows (my room now doesn't have them)

The "neighborhood". Each grade level is divided into a neighborhood where all the rooms open into one area.

My sweet friend, Rubey. We get to travel over to Parkside together.

The good news: I found another teacher who shares in my affinity for toilet papering. She's about 40 and teaches first grade.
Favorite part of teaching: being best friends with people my parent's age.

Warning: If you're not a teacher, you may not be interested in this. Stop reading immediately.

The school is basically designed to facilitate a more collaborative, hands-on way of learning. Each room has a sink, and each neighborhood has a science center that has materials, sinks, refrigerator, etc...The rooms all open into a central room that would allow teachers to discuss, teach together, and share kids during the day. There are even windows that open into the teacher's room next door, so you can help each other during the day. There is tons of natural lighting, the goal is to bring the outdooors indoors. All of the lockers/cubbies are in a separate room to give more wall space. I will share a bathroom with the teacher next door to cut down on transition time. Right now, the building is just a theory. It will be interesting to see how it all works out as we start the year.