Sunday, May 18, 2008
"This is not a warning, get into your closet..."
A few nights ago, we celebrate Allie's return to Austin by gathering as a family in the closet under the stairs.The weather man told us to do it. He said there was a tornado on it's way, to find shelter immediately.

We've never done that before, so to say that we took this seriously would be a lie. Allie and I could not contain our laughter.

This was enlightening on a few levels. First, we all were able to see our priorities pretty clearly. We each grabbed a few possessions:

Toni (mom): rushed to grab the pretty and comfortable pillows off her newly decorated bed.

Allie: cell phone, ipod, computer.

Greg (dad): scooped up Savy, our confused and frightened dog. (isn't dad so great?)

Erika: 3 books, journal, camera. Apparently, I thought I would partake in some pleasure reading during disaster cleanup.

We were in the closet literally two minutes when mom became claustrophobic, "I need some air fast or I will definitely have a panic attack." She sat the remainder of the evening sitting next to the opened closet door. She swore if she heard a tornado, she would close it really fast. We informed her that by the time she could hear it, it would be too late. Her and dad would be goners along with Savy. Allie and I would be left with cleaning up. She didn't care. "I've got this under control."

Really, mom? "Under control?"

Saturday, May 03, 2008
I have written approximately 10 blogs I've never published. Two of them discuss solely my alarm clock (Trutech). Seriously, erika? That's weird. Does anyone else personify their alarm clock? It's like my roommate. We have discussions about allowing more snooze time. I wake up determined to ignore the screeching beep and win the battle of waking up for the day. I don't know, maybe I'll finish the blog someday. Or maybe not.

I'm obsessed with spreadsheets. Love them! Do you need a chart or budget sheet? I think making spreadsheets might be my spiritual gift. Too bad it wasn't prophecy or something cool like that.

Today, I went crazy in Barnes and Noble. I get an educator's discount of 20%. Awesome, right? I bought a few books two of which include "Emma" and "Little Women". Don't act like you haven't wanted to dive into a 400 page book about sisters.