Monday, March 31, 2008
I don't know where I'm goin', Hope I get there soon.
I’m just going to throw this real thought I’ve been having into to blogging community, because most every time I throw this out people are right there with me. It makes me feel not as lonely (yes, it’s all about me).

I read all of these blogs about people’s lives changing and moving in very big ways: new kid, new marriage, new life. It’s like there’s this prerequisite for blogging that I missed, “you must have something interesting, almost to the point of captivating going on...or else.”

My life doesn’t include that at the moment. I’m changing, I’m moving, but not in the ways I would have ever predicted, and surely in ways I cannot describe via blog. In fact, some of the changing comes in the form of backtracking (I don’t want to go into’s embarrassing).

I guess I just want to put this on the table: We choose our lives, and we don’t choose our lives. Maybe we choose our reactions but not the circumstances. We choose trust or we choose anger. I have to ask myself what I will choose everyday. And I have a choice to be grateful for the subtle, discrete, real changes or I can be the “grass is greener” girl.

I don’t want to be the “grass is greener” girl.

Saturday, March 22, 2008
Pies for Guys
My recently singled sister and I had a revelation this weekend. Allie makes pies for all her boyfriends. In fact, the reaction of the pie-giving pretty much determines the quality of boyfriend they will become.

Pecan Pie:
After slightly over cooking a pie, my sister meekly handed over the fruits of her labor to her significant other.
Reaction: He didn't touch it, didn't try it. Might as well have thrown it in the dumpster right in front of her face.
My reaction: Ate half of it. If it's not unedible, eat it. That's my philosophy.

Key Lime Pie:
Allie slaves over a key lime pie. After all, it is his favorite dessert. He arrives at the house. She appears, smile on face "I have a surprise for you." She flashes the pie in front of him.
Reaction: "Thank you so much." He's appreciative. He devours most of the pie.
My reaction: I like him, appreciate the appreciation. Now, this particular relationship didn't exactly work-out, but we still respect him.

Clearly, the pies are not working out for her. Next time try cookies? scones? candies? Surely some dessert will work out one of these days.

disclaimer: Allie read and approved this blog.

Friday, March 14, 2008
Signs of the Season

I woke up “early” today, and sat on the concrete of my parent’s driveway with a coffee in hand. I sipped on the mug and took in what was around me. The sun was coming up, most everything in bloom. I couldn’t help but believe how positive our world is.

It reminded me of sitting on the porch with PaPaw. He loved coffee and above all he loved the porch. He never lived in a place without one. When we would sit together, I didn’t say much. Nothing I said could compete with his stories, which seemed to repeat themselves. Regardless of how many times he told (and retold) a memory, it would end in hysteric laughter. He always laughed harder at his own jokes than anyone else’s.

If it wasn’t a memory, it was the weather. If it wasn’t the weather, it was the birds, and if it wasn’t the birds it was his plants. And sometimes is was nothing, just the company of two very different generations.

My friend Cassie designed the new blog look. I told her she should design professionally. If I could be summed up in a blog design, this would be it. Thanks so much, Cas!

The new title is a little weird, I know. But it’s a phrase that has always spoke to me. It’s in the Bible, Romans 11. I’ve also always wanted to give a great band this name. So, if you’re thinking of starting a band and want to use “Wild Olive Shoot” then you better ask my permission or I will seriously sue you for all you’re worth. No lie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Shredding the Nar
For those of you who may not be up on the cool skiing lingo, the title can be translated into "skiing the mountain". This guy on a lift informed us of some interesting new phrases. Allie didn't think he was that cool, so she wasn't sure we should trust his suggestions. I, on the other hand, happily dove right into to using "shredding" all weekend.

Allie and I took a trip to Colorado last weekend just for fun. Evan, Annalee, and Adelaide were generous to let us stay with them at their family's cabin. I have never been around such genuinely nice people who had the best stories around. And it was really fun skiing all together! I want to live there.

I didn't have ski pants. Gratefully, Annalee had some of her dad's left over ski pants that I'm sure were made prior to 1980. In short, they were polyester, pleated, black ski pants that could easily double as waitress pants. Allie and I also realized mid-way through the trip they were identical to Dickies pants found at Wal Mart, worn by my gangsta cousins. Essesntially, I felt like I was dressing-up all weekend and I loved it. Thanks Dr. Luttrel!

Favorite part of the weekend: getting lost in Denver. JK JK, that was the worst part. The best part was being in the mountains, eating buffets of food after returning to the cabin, and being surrounded by people I like a lot.