Saturday, December 22, 2007
I SUCK: the power of shock value
And so the writing block continues. It's not that I haven't had things going on in my life, it's just that I haven't had things going on in my life. I take that back, the last month has been really eventful. Here's some pictures to give a glimpse of my life lived vicariously through my friends. I can do that, right?

Rosalyn's engaged! I love this picture. I think it captures all the excitement.

Cassie and Caleb. We are so excited he arrived safely and he's so cute, too.

Jen's engaged! We're doing prep work.

The girls on my dad's (dad's) side all got together in Tyler. This side of my family is special to me for many reasons, but mostly because of their legacy of faith. My Grammie is technically my step grandma, but has loved and raised my dad since he was five. My mom did not grow up a Christian, but became a believer after studying with Grammie. We have been through all extremes of life together well fed and hungry (literally), and they continue to pour out love.

Mom, sister, and I in snowy Tyler.

Allie and I about to ride a horse. I love Allie's face...hilarious.

I'm taking a few week break from blogging. That won't be a drastic change in my normal blogging habits. But hopefully I'll return with something interesting to share. The blog ideas from last post will have to wait. Until next time, I'll tell a semi-entertaining story from school:

School just became more interesting two weeks ago. I now have an autistic boy in my class. I really like working with special needs kids, but this child has just taken misbehavior to the next level. I often hear, "Try and make me!" "There are no good teachers in this school." "Kids get no respect around here."

I was helping another kids in class the other day when he tried to get my attention, "Miss Watts! Miss Watts!"
"You'll have to wait, I'm helping another student."
I hear huffing and puffing in the background. I walk over a few minutes later, "Did you need something?"
"Yeah, look at this." I look down onto his folder where I see "YOU SUCK" written in bold letters. awesome.

The words, "Hundred dollar boob job!" could be heard blaring from my room last Wednesday. He yelled it for about 30 minutes. It was so funny, I laughed.

Sunday, December 16, 2007
Live and Let Live
It's my new life motto. I'm still trying to decipher exactly what it means, but I like it! Let's break it apart, shall we.
Well, I don't really know what that looks like. I used to think it meant living over seas and having some exotic experiences, starting and orphanage, living off locust and honey. Now I think it looks like loving people you're around and loving God. I once heard someone say, "Listen to the Holy Spirit. That will take you on an adventure."
"Let live"
That's the part I understand the least, but I think it means to let go of control. I hate to break it to myself, but I'm not actually in control of my life or anyone else's.
I think this is appropriate right now, because soon I will be entering into a time of transition. There's no telling how large it will be, but it's on it's way. I can feel it.

Good news on the holiday front: I'm enjoying this season. I am excited to give gifts and hopefully to receive them.

Here are future blog ideas. Which one would you like to read?
"The Problem with Dating"
"Idioms: what goes up, must come down"