Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Fable Shmable
In library last week our librarian, Mrs. Dilworth, explained the difference between a fairy tale and a fable. Fables are stories that are passed down that do not include magic. Fairy tales, on the very opposite hand, are stories passed down that do include magic. It's a technicality, really. Both of them ususally have strong messages to teach the audience.

There once was a boy who did not want to work. He was mad and threw all of the items out of his desk onto the ground. His young teacher calmly wrote a pass to the office as an appropriate consequence. The boy took one look at the pass and took off in full sprint around the halls of the school. The powerful and just principal went to confront this mad little boy, where he once again took off in full sprint around the halls of the school. The young teacher sensed his evil plot and right before his escape stuck out her hand before him. The boy immediately fell to the ground with crying, misery, and gnashing of teeth.

Moral: Don't run away from your problems. You can't escape! Accept your consequence and move on. Running away always brings unnecessary drama.

Disclaimer from last blog: In saying the trashcan pet peeve, I wasn't making a passive aggressive attempt to confront my roommate Rosalyn. Her Sonic drink cups have never once offended me when placing them in our trashcan. Now, let's say she drinks a Route 44, walks into my bathroom, and throws them in my minuscule waste basket. Then, we would have a problem.