Friday, June 01, 2007
One Thunderstorm in Dallas
I walked into the Austin Airport on Wednesday, a little anxious to board the plane to Thailand (not direct), to find a mass of people all on their cell phones looking a little perturbed. Long story short...flight to LA is cancelled. At first I thought, surely there's still a way to get to LA by 3:15 western time. No chance. I miss my flights in Austin, LA, Taipai, Bangkok. The source: a thunderstorm in Dallas. I had prayed over this trip many times and even specifically if I wasn't supposed to board a plane I wouldn't. So, I found myself battling with the airlines. The solution is I leave from Austin late on June 5th. I'm not a saint, I was furious. I mean fighting mad! If I could have punched the airline ladies at American and China Air I would have. That leads me to the second part of this entry...

After cooling-off and a change of heart (grateful to have rest for another week), I go with Rose to Josh and B's. Rosalyn and I begin to engage in a funny, fake boxing match. Josh gets involved, and of course I carry a fun event too far. While swinging around, fist ready to fight, I nail Rose in the jaw. Deep Remorse. Almost tears. Pop of a jaw. Did she loose a tooth?

Only a fat lip...that was a close one. Thank you God for loving imperfect people.