Sunday, April 29, 2007
My friend from school, Rubey, always makes fun of how I wear my nametag from work everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. If I go out to eat after work, I have it on until someone lets me know. I"ve been known to have it on at all times and even up to 2 hrs. after work. Iris is a girl in my class and her mom told me a few days ago that she plays school every afternoon, and guess what? Always has the nametag. I often play this off as, "Oh, I totally forgot." or "How embarassing!" But just for honesty's sake, I like to wear it. I like to tell people I have a real job and I work all day. It's a little sad I gain confidence by a nametag/door opener.

I bought a ticket to Thailand for the summer. I hesitated going for a few reasons: 1. traveling alone for 24 hrs. is intimidating to me 2. being gone all summer is a long time when I have a real job to come back to 3. i have to make a conscious decision to believe God can use someone as imperfect as me. I think more than anything, I'm humbled at the oppertunity. The doors were wide open with little effort on my part. I leave May 30th.

The kids in my class have gotten REAL funny. Lately it's been by songs that they sing. "Gramerous, fossy, dossy" and "Gasolina." I think I have at least 3 stand up comedians in my class. love it.

When I write my blog I feel like I'm just sending these words out into this crazy, technological world that doesn't make any sense to me. I don't really believe that anyone reads it, or can read it for that matter, because I'm writing it here in my apt. how could these words possibly go anywhere else? I think I'm a little in denial about the advances of technology.

The Nametag

A view on the drive from Abilene