Sunday, March 25, 2007
Right now, It's raining sideways rain.
FYI: Mexico City airport isn't bad. I would even venture to say small, clean, and safe. I think I would go alone next time. And there will be a next time.
Mexico was awesome and completely relaxed. I didn't do anything cool, I just did the normal things: visit parque espangne, walk around el centro (downtown), fail miserably at speaking Spanish. Wow, I've gotten horrible at it! But the thought actually crossed my mind that I could live there again.
The best part by far was seeing my kids and roommates. After leaving in such distress and uncertainty that the relationships would sustain, I was completely in awe of how faithful God is. It was like I never left. And the relationships truly were intact. I hope to visit again soon.
The last part of Spring Break was spent at SXSW. I'm a believer! The venues were small and personal. I fell in love with a lead singer from Wales, and met some really cool people who know lots about music. Some of the bands: The Storys, Marc Broussard, Mika, Razorlight, the Bravery, Amy Winehouse.
This past week at school one of the funny punk boys in my class challenged me to a race across the playground. Most kind teachers would let the child win, act defeated, and offer sweet words of encouragement. I didn't do anything of the sort! That kid needs to learn that I for sure can smoke him. I think he respects me more. When he replied, "I'll beat you next time Miss Watts, after football practice." I natually responded sarcastically, "Well see about that."
I'm not really as mean as I make myself sound.
Miss Erika and Samia

Creeper Teacher in Pool (at least that's how it felt because I'm used to the U.S. in Mexico it's no big deal)

Nick and Kate

Parque Espagne playing a little Basket

Can't get enough of the Strawberry popsicles

Sunday, March 04, 2007
Way down here, you need a reason to move...

Lesson learned: If you are planning a trip based on someone's boyfriend picking you up from the airport be careful, they might just break up.

I bought my plane ticket to visit my friends and students in Mexico two months ago. Mexico City is a large, scary place, so I didn't want to travel alone. Great news! My Canadian roommate is flying in the same day and her Mexican boyfriend will pick us up. Bad news, Mexican boyfriend and Canadian roommate break up. Canadian's not coming, boyfriend's not coming. That leaves a limited-Spanish speaking American girl in Mexico D.F alone. Not to mention, the following week traveling alone. O.k, I often say and do stupid things but let's be honest, I probably wouldn't survive that. Good news is Canadian is now coming, doesn't want to see boyfriend. I didn't cancel my flight, so I'm going. But I changed my flight to leave earlier, so I'll just stay in Orizaba/Puebla/Veracruz area.
Is anyone still reading? If you are, you're in luck. I'm going to keep writing about Mexico. It's been a year since I chose to end my time and commitment there and came back to the U.S of A. I look back on that time and decision as one of the more difficult in my life. Leaving people/students you love voluntarily was the most emotional and difficult experience I've had so far. But if I had to do it over, I would. Why? Because I have to trust that Christ works through me and my decisions. Because where I am now would not have happened if I didn't. Because I've had to see the grace of God.
So, in one week, I'll be in the hot Mexican sun. Seeing friends and hopefully enjoying the company around me and the absolute beauty of Mexico.