Saturday, January 06, 2007
I realized I have never actually spoken of my sister much in this blog, and that made me begin to think, "Where are my priorities?" This is Allie.

She is my younger sister of three years. I carry some guilt from beating her up literally everyday when we were kids. Little did I know at the time that Allie would grow to be 6 inches taller than I am, and a MUCH better athlete. As a result, she often pushes me down for no reason at all. She'll just be walking by as I am hanging up clothes, or folding a blanket, or talking to my Dad, and with all her force push me onto the bed or chair where I am standing. After each drive-by, Allie gives the same explanation, "Those are for all those times when we were kids and you would beat me up." I can't argue with that! I realize this may make her out as a bully or aggressive fueled by former abuse, but she is actually one of the most forgiving and gracious people I know. We laugh when she pushes me down, but sometimes I am really aggravated because I can't defend myself.

Allie and I are completely different. Here are some examples. First of all, we are physically much different. She's tall and blonde, I am short. She hates school and reading. I love learning so much, I decided it should be my profession. Allie is organized and likes's hit or miss with me. Let's not forget the athletic abilities-quite a difference. In a family "conflict" I'm normally the one yelling inappropriate comments and defending my "cause". Allie sits silently and knows the times to speak, but is also extremely passionate.

Of course my sister, Allie, cannot be restricted to a single blog entry. But here's a small glimpse. If you ever run into her, make sure to meet her. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, January 01, 2007
The Prodical Blogger
After months of squandering my inheritance and recently feeding swine to get by, I have decided to humbly approach my blog again. Returning after my blogging rebellion has not proven easy, "What if no one reads my blog?" What if blogging isn't cool anymore?" are some of the questions that have been going through my brain. But I am, I will not give reasons for my absence because everyone always has the same excuses and mine would be no different.

I love that teaching enables me to view my life semesters at a time. I can only see a semester behind and a semester ahead. For a non-committal person this provides much comfort knowing at any given semester, I could completely change my life without many repercussions. All that to say, this last semester I realized how much I could enjoy a life in the "real-world" and out of college. I love it! I love my 18 students, I love that I can provide for myself, I love that I have a job that matters, and that I have a church to call my own. I like the responsibility, although so many times I find myself crying out in a pathetic voice, "I can't do this!" Teaching is hard, but like most things worth doing, it has many rewards. And I have found a grace in my students that has allowed me to forgive others and myself often, because they forgive me so often. Like the time they had to take two math profiles, or when I got mad at a student who was literally just sitting in his seat quietly.

One of my friends that I teach with comes to my room everyday and we give positives that happened that day. It helps us stay focused on what is good because most of the time we just can see what we are not doing well. It can be as small as a smile from a student. So, since I am a list maker, here is a list of some positives right now (in no particular order):

1. Seeing baby Noah, Aaron, Allison, and Jevy
2. Watching the tree lighting at the Galleria in Dallas
3. Witnessing my kids improve on test scores
4. Filming my sister and I passionately singing "Since You've Been Gone" in a car ride
5. Seeing a Canadian friend in McAllen
6. Eating dinner at Cassie and Austin's
7. Making new friends
8. Going to Piedras Negras
9. Enjoying Christmas (good-bye Scrooge)
10. Riding my pink bike in the Jingle Bell Ride
11. Car ride with Moriah
12. Tour de Tejas via auto