Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Does anyone know how to make a tree?
Thanks to Rosalyn, my classroom theme is camping. I really want to make this giant tree in the reading section, but it looks like exactly what it is: a large piece of crumpled butcher paper. So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Remember, this all has to be done with butcher paper.

I'm starting school!!! This year I am fortunate enough to teach in the greatest district/workplace I have ever experienced. And I have had A LOT of jobs (13 jobs in the last 6 years, I know that makes me sound like I have a compulsive need for change and I think that would be accurate).

Every staff person I have come into contact with genuinely wants to help and guide in any way. The leaders of the school and district are caring, intelligent, strong, driven, and determined to create an environment that is completely about the kids. It makes me so proud to sit in meetings with teachers who care about their job, who are constantly growing, and who are SMART. All this to say, I am pumped about my teaching job. I keep thinking about my experience in Mexico and how I was starving for support. I felt so alone because there was no one to help or guide me so I could teach and love my kids better. And now, God has answered my prayer in abundance like He always does.

Not to say that starting this job isn't difficult, because it is definitely difficult. There are 20 little kids who are dependent on me create an environment where they feel special, appreciated, and challenged academically. This is a large responsibility! Every time I walk into my classroom, I'm reminded that I can't do this job without God.

I'm thinking about starting the year off by dancing in the class. Now, I know I need to be tough to begin, so I'm in a small dilemma. I LOVE to dance, but will it make the kids think they don't have to work? My life is full of difficult questions!