Monday, May 22, 2006
Que Vida la Mia
What can I say about relationships? They are the hardest and best part of life. But right now, I think they are the best. Camille and Marcos were married this weekend and the words that come to mind are personal, relational, genuine. Each father spoke and their words were so impacting because of the truth. I loved Mr. Acosta's words on love, "If you want to serve the world, love each other. If you want to serve the Church, love each other." How true. Sometimes we make ministry and Christianity so complicated but really it's simple.
Seeing friends was not only needed but deeply refreshing. How important community is in life and in faith! I wish I could put into words what my heart is saying, but all I can say is, "My heart overflows."

Saturday, May 13, 2006
Are you a "Man"?
Men have been gnawing at me lately. Not one man specifically, but those who have come into my life in the form of my father, boyfriends, friend's boyfriends/husbands, other dads, grandfathers, uncles. It seems for me, like many women, that interaction with men is a tragic place in my life. The good men are far less than the bad ones. Thank God one of the good ones is my precious Dad.

I personally think that the title of a "Man" should not be given freely or easily. No male should be able to obtain this title unless they have shown adequate honesty, humility, strength, forgiveness, grace, and perseverance. It sure would make the dating process easier..."Oh, you're not a "Man" yet? Well, then get back to me in a few years."

Honesty... What a quality. Honesty about past hurts, love, insecurity, spirituality, future, relationships, current feelings on relationships. Let know someone who will confront me with honesty (not insecurity) as well as encourage me to be honest.

In writing this, I am suddenly completely convicted. Not condemned...Convicted, about those I may have hurt through an absence of honesty. Let me be lead to a place where I am confident enough in myself and in Christ that I may be more honest. And may the men who hurt women be lead to the same place.

But I'm still pissed at those who hurt me and other women. Michael Hosea, are you out there?