Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Call me Embarassed Erika
I didn't actually know that I posted the previous blog. I thought I had pushed "save as draft" when I actually pushed "publish post." When I found that out I was really nervous and my face became bright red (I have rosacia) because I didn't remember exactly what I wrote, but I did remember I was in a strange restless mood, and when that happens I tend to question the meaning of my existence and no one reading blogger wants to hear that (or maybe they do, but that's a one-on-one convo).
Needless to say, I was relieved just now when I read the paragraph which was simple, to the point, and not questioning-my-existence-like. Although I don't know what the last little part was, "4esz'wz" but I started laughing when I read it.

In continuation of the last post: community is so important and exciting, and the main reason I moved back to the states. Yet, sometimes, I just work and come home. So, seeing my sister, Allison, Aaron, Mo and then being with all of my college-turned-Austinite friends last night (you know who you are) was so ENERGIZING. And being with people you love IS energizing, not energy-draining.

About being restless (the title of the last post, but I never addressed it): I am restless much of the time. I absolutely hate this about myself because I'm always thinking of fun things to do, and I'm not having fun where I am. I'm telling my mom that Sunday and she says "Go ride your bike." So i did. Yes, I felt much better, but this restlessness is like the deep in your soul, questioning everything, indigo-colored restlessness. So then my mom says, "Read a book." And I reminded her that the book I want to read she's taking FOREVER to read. Later that night I found a book entitled, "A Tale of Three Kings" on my bed. I started to read it, and it's hard to put down. It's about brokeness....how appropriate.

Mi Familia

What you looking at?

If only our homes were a bike-ride away

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Good weekend because I was able to see long lost friends Allison, Aaron, and Mo. The seeing of Mo was a sweet surprise that we were in the same place at the same time. Good, grown up conversation over dinner was much needed. We talked about how we all miss the close proximity of our houses, when bikes were the prominant source of transportation. 4esz`wz

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
La Tour de Austin

Kids are funny. And it cracks me up even more to see the difference between girls and boys at a young age. For example, Gracie is three and likes to wear dresses. In fact, to get her to wear pants is a battle. When she's in the house, we are usually engaging in a game of dress up. She changes which "princess" she is often and I am ALWAYS the prince (it gets old). Today, I put on one of her crowns, and she was mad at me because I am supposed to be a prince. For some reason, I was a little defensive, "I can try on the crown, Gracie. I would like to be the princess at least once." I think she sensed my need to be the princess and backed-off.
Nicco is also three, and after a small discussion about how cigarettes are bad for you, he told me the story of when he once ate a cigarette and it blew-him-up not once, but three times. He dresses up too but it's in a Batman or Power Ranger costume. His favorite thing to do right now is take pictures on my camera phone and watch cartoons. He claims school is boring and he'd rather be home watching TV. We spent are time last week "fishing" in the Central Market pond. Come to find out the water is toxic and cases of flesh-eating bacteria have been found in the Austin area. Great.
One of the boys I babysit goes to school with Lance Armstrong's kids. I was able to meet them. The older one was wearing athletic shorts and boots, and was telling the other boys in his "group" what to do. The other boy was wearing a "Tour de France" shirt...could that be any more obvious? Later when picking up the boys, Lance was literally 4 feet away from my car. Unfortunately, he was wearing long shorts. Fortunately, I could see his gigantic calves. He was golden.