Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Stay at Home Mom
After meddling in several jobs, I am currently working full time (for the next 6 weeks) as a stay at home mom...commonly known as a nanny. It has only been the third day, but to my great surprise I am thoroughly enjoying this new occupation. Let me put some Stay at Home Mom myths to rest:
1. Mom's don't do anything all day
2. Being a Mom is less "professional" than another occupation
3. Stay at home moms spend their time painting their nails, shopping, and the like
I once read a short story about a man who was jealous of the woman's role in life. It is smiled upon for woman to spend her time with her kids, watching them grow, and raising them. When in our society, a man is made to work all day. I think men and women have equally difficult roles, but I do see what the author was saying. I can't think of a more noble or fulfilling profession than to raise your kids.
On the other hand, everyday of work I'm reminded that although I enjoy kids, they are too much work. I mean, you really have to give up your life to raise them. I think I'll do whatever I want to do for the next 10 years or so. No kids right now, thanks.