Tuesday, October 25, 2005
The Other Gold
I'm just curious if anyone has any advice on how to make it o.k. that I don't live in the same town or state as the people I love the most. Am I thankful for my experiences...yes. Do I know God has a purpose...yes. Is this where I'm supposed to be...I believe so. Was it time to move on...absolutely. But doesn't it seem that separating from friends was mandatory rather than a choice? The only words that come to mind is an old girl scout song...please join me in a verse:
Make new friends, But keep the old.
One is silver and the other Gold.
Ever since I was a little girl I've wondered...which friend is silver? The new friends or the old? I hope I never have silver friends...lets always be the gold ones.

On a completely different note...Isn't this the cutest futbol player you've ever seen. Yes, he is THAT tiny.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
Mexicans Know How To Party

I think that we could all learn how to spruce up our normal family gatherings. When i went to a baptism party for a tiny boy on Saturday, I walked it to find over 100 people there for the event. We ate a 3 course meal complete with good conversation (a little strained because I don't really speak spanish, but I am starting to understand it). The we danced the night aware with a live band that played their choice of Ranchero, Salsa, and believe it or not "You ain't nothing but a houndog" all en espanol, of course. The best part of the night was not the three pinatas, the huge scultpure cake, or even the dancing....The best part of the night was when everyone starting chanting,"Vollo, Vollo..." (I think that's right and I have absolutely no idea what it means). I was looking around in a cloud of confusion, then all of a sudden... I see the dad of the party start throwing pesos to all the guests. I ran around in a frenzy picking up as much money as I could. My roommates and I collected 20 pesos, which we were happy about because that pays for water for one week.
Moral of the story, Americans need to lighten up and start throwing our money around.
But seriously, things here are definitely looking up. My kids work so hard in school and their English is rapidly improving which makes me so proud! And they are so cute with their accents. I want to bring one of them home for Christmas.

Kate, Nicki and Me (no we're not on a cruise)
Tiny boy who was baptized into the Catholic church
Me dancing with a super tall Mexican doctor
The ambiance of the party
Our friends Javier and Sonia

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Rug Church

I go to church on the moss green and periwinkle striped rug that lays on the gray tiles of my Mexican bedroom. I normally sit towards the back, near the tassles. I subconsiously choose the back so that the people that normally would join me will have a place to sit. I often imagine their voices reaching beyond the ceiling and filling me with an unspeakable calm, which only happens in real life if I'm focused and listening. In reality, my companions consist of the magnolia tree that sits patiently outside my window, and my computer that often leads me in song. Sometimes my songs are not of the church origen, but instead from the soft-rock 80s era.
Rug church is not a bad thing. Instead it's reteaching me the fundamentals of God. And the space around me is filled with communion that I have often misinterpreted or simply ignored.
I knew my rug and I would be excellent friends the moment I laid it on my floor and it immediately filled my room with warmth and color, but I had no idea it would become my church.

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Happy Anniversary

I would like to announce that the 6th of each month is the anniversary of new beginnings. The reason I chose the 6th is because it's one day before I left for Mexico, which was a drastic answer to the question that everyone is asking right now, "Where am I suppossed to be in my life." I live in Mexico which is a wonderful country of wild dogs that bark literally from the rooftops, loud music and sounds, intensity at all levels, great cheap food from Abuelas that sell them on the side of each road, old men that convieniently pull down their pants and crap on the street corner, and people that love their large families. I love this country...really, I do.
I teach 3rd and 4th grade Mexican children English and Science. It's been the most challenging experience of my life, one that I have wanted to quit 70% of the time, but have confirmed my one year commitment by purchasing a round trip ticket for the Christmas break. The kids are truly the cutest, but I don't think I will be continuing my teaching career for my entire life. For now, I can deal with the loud outbursts, constant interuptions, repeating instructions over and over again. It's not the kids fault I don't speak Spanish and they don't so much speak English.
I live with two roommates: Kate from Detroit and Nicole from Canada. It's amazing how three very different people could have so much in common. We analyze and laugh-off our stressful days at school (Did I mention that none of us have taught before).
Biggest news for the week... Apparently a hurricane hit Mexico, I really haven't noticed it, besides the heavy rain that lasted a total of 2 hours. Because of that we have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off school! It was the greatest surprise this morning when I strolled in a little late to school to find no children were here. I started jumping up and down and hugging my roommates and the bell ringer man, you would think I just won a large sum of money.